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PayPal Online Casinos

Paypal offers you the possibility to deposit and withdraw money quickly and easily at the online casino. You can benefit from a high security standard and free payments. The best Paypal casinos therefore offer the most popular e-wallet for Europe as a payment method. A Paypal account is not only recommended for convenient online deposits and withdrawals, but also for its additional features. For example, you can verify your bank and credit card for debits or withdrawals at Paypal so that you always have a credit balance at your disposal. Later on you can make particularly fast deposits for your online casino games at Paypal Casino. The selection of PayPal casinos is already very good and there are always new PayPal casino providers.

The best established and new PayPal casinos

# Casino Info Bonus Rating
1 LeoVegas Logo
  • 18+ New players. 100% up to £300 + 30 spins on Book of Dead. £5 min. wager to activate deposit spins- expire 3 days from claiming. 35X wagering before bonus or winnings can be withdrawn. £5 max. stake using bonus. Skrill, Neteller deposits excluded from offer. Eligibility restrictions apply. Full T&Cs apply.

200%/100%up to €3000/£300

99 von 100

Jetzt Spielen


2 Betway Logo
  • All Bonuses are subject to Betway Casino T&C.
  • 18+ New Customers Only

Welcome Bonusup to £/€1000

95 von 100

Jetzt Spielen


3 BetVictor Logo
  • All Bonuses are subject to Betvictor Casino T&C.
  • 18+, New Customers Only

500%up to £50

89 von 100

Jetzt Spielen


PayPal Casino bonus for new customers

You can also benefit from a PayPal Casino bonus by making a deposit at the casino with PayPal as a new customer. The average bonus is at least 100%, the usual amounts for a Paypal Casino bonus are between 200 Euro and 800 Euro. You may need a bonus code for the offers, which can be found on the website. Often even several Paypal deposits are rewarded with a bonus. You can use this for example at the slots or in the live casino. Below you will find important information about payment at Paypal Casinos. All casinos in our PayPal casino list offer fast withdrawals and good customer service.

How do Paypal casinos work?

With the electronic wallet Paypal, also called E-Wallet for short, you can deposit or withdraw real money at the casino. You can set the options for this very quickly. Many international online casinos with a license for Europe offer Paypal as an online payment service. For example, you can play slots from Europe without any problems.

A Paypal account is available to any player with a normal computer or mobile, such as smartphone, mobile phone and tablet. As a mobile casino player you can choose between a mobile website and an app. The Paypal app is available for the mobile operating systems Android, Apple and Windows Phone. As already mentioned, you can install the app, but you don't have to. The app is not required when depositing for casino games. Paypal offers you maximum convenience and overview for your online payments. All account movements are listed in your Paypal account – similar to a bank statement. However, unlike many banks, the actual account management at Paypal is free of charge.

There are several ways to top up your Paypal account. You can choose between a bank transfer to Paypal, verified debit and credit cards and the bank account collection. In the latter two cases, you do not have to worry about your Paypal balance. Everything is automatic and you can easily deposit at the online casino. After your first deposit, Paypal will be activated for your real money withdrawals.

Methods to top up the Paypal credit

There are 4 ways to top up your Paypal balance for your casino games. These are explained to you in a little more detail below. It is advisable to link the Paypal account with your own debit and credit card and/or with your bank account. This way you do not have to provide for a credit each time. Another major advantage is that you can top up your player account more quickly if necessary. You can also withdraw your Paypal balance.

    Deposit by bank transfer and IBAN with Paypal

If you would like to top up your credit for a Paypal Online Casino, it is possible to make a bank transfer via IBAN. This usually only takes 1 to 2 working days, so your money is booked quickly. Please make sure to use only your own bank accounts in EURO. Once the money has arrived in your Paypal account, you can start playing immediately. Depositing at Paypal Casino takes no more than 1 minute. This method is less recommended if you deposit regularly or receive an online withdrawal. It also makes it impossible to deposit quickly at the casino.


  • Paypal account with debit and/or credit card

This method allows you to link your Paypal account to your debit and credit card. To do this, you must create your credit card at Paypal. Then you have to verify the cards with a pin code, which you receive with a small debit or payment from the online payment service. A very simple principle. It allows you to deposit money into the online casino without a balance in your Paypal account. With this method it is possible to reload money quickly. This is important in some casino games. Depending on the type of card, you can also withdraw money to your debit and credit cards from Paypal. This is not always possible with a Mastercard. Receiving payments must be activated for this. Only then can you use the card for a withdrawal at Paypal Casino.

    Link bank account


Similarly practical as linking with debit and credit cards is to connect to your bank account. For security reasons, this is also verified by Paypal. For this purpose, either a small amount is collected from Paypal or transferred. In the reason for payment is then a pin code, which you must deposit with Paypal. The bank account is then verified and linked. Now you can deposit money into the online casino and claim a casino bonus without a real balance in your Paypal account. Paypal enables players to make SEPA transactions if they have been approved in consultation with the bank. You will receive a separate message from Paypal. With a bank account link you can pay off your Paypal balance within 1 to 2 working days.

    Receive credit from other wallets

You do not wish to deposit with Skrill or Neteller, otherwise you may not be able to benefit from bonus offers – unlike Paypal. To be able to play immediately anyway, an Exchange Service is available. The latter transfers credit from one Wallet to another for you. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to send credit directly from under electronic wallets. The Exchange service is not free and charges a fee for the transfer to Paypal. This amounts to approx. 2.50 Euro and more. The transfer usually takes 1 to 2 hours. If you wish, you can also order an express service and start playing immediately. If you earn credit at Paypal by playing at the online casino, you can also transfer the money in reverse order from Paypal to Neteller or Skrill if required. The Exchange service is only recommended if you do not want to link bank and/or credit card with Paypal. The costs are simply too high in the long run.

How do Paypal Casino deposits work?

Many online casinos accept Paypal. This is also advisable for the European market. Because Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods. However, you should always check whether your provider supports Paypal before registering. After your registration and activation of the player account (by SMS or e-mail) you can access the cashier area. Paypal should now be available for selection in the online casino's deposit methods. You can enter your desired amount in the deposit form provided for this purpose and then confirm the payment process. Paypal Casino will automatically redirect you to your electronic wallet where you must log in and confirm the payment. After that, the payment process is complete for you and you should see the deposit amount in your player account balance. A minimum amount of 10 euros is required everywhere.

By the way, with your first deposit at Paypal Casino there is always a Paypal bonus, which you may have to activate with a bonus code. This welcome bonus will be added to your casino account at the same time as your deposit is credited as bonus money. For example, you can start with more starting capital in the slots. The casino will then automatically activate Paypal for your withdrawals. The minimum payout is usually 10 to 20 euros. How it looks like with the costs with the deposits or withdrawals, is explained now.

Is there a cost and fee for PayPal Online Casino payments?

If you wish to deposit or withdraw real money at Paypal Casino, you can be sure that almost no fees will ever be charged. Furthermore, Paypal does not charge any account management fees or the like as you know it from your house bank. Usually only Paypal fees are charged if you transfer between different currencies. It is not advisable to change currencies, so you should keep all accounts in the same currency (Euro). You will find options on Paypal and in your player account. When you withdraw the Paypal credit balance to your bank account, this is also possible free of charge. Paypal may charge smaller fees for payment with credit cards. As a rule, however, these are also free of charge.

Whether a serious Online Casino charges for a Paypal payout fee varies from case to case. There are Paypal online casinos that generally pay out free of charge. Others charge a small administration fee. This can also happen to you if you are a casino player and would like to make a withdrawal several times a month using the payment method.

How fast can I make deposits at Casino PayPal?

If you want to access the real money games and live casino of Paypal online casinos as quickly as possible, the digital wallet offers you many advantages – especially if it is already equipped with a debit and credit card or a linked bank account. If you are a new player, you must register and successfully confirm your account. After that you can use the payment method Paypal immediately in the online casino. Just enter the desired amount in the deposit form and confirm your payment with Paypal – it takes less than 1 minute. After that, the deposit amount is available as real money at Paypal Casino and you can play slots, for example. The first deposit usually takes a little longer than the following ones. To speed up the process, you can activate Paypal-One-Touch in your Paypal account. From now on, you no longer need to log in and confirm the payment. Your deposit will be booked immediately at the online casino. This is particularly useful if you want to make a quick deposit in the meantime. In the experience of Paypal Casino you will encounter this situation again and again.

How can I withdraw funds at Casino PayPal?

This varies and depends on whether you have already verified your account. Verification is an identity check that is mandatory for all casino players before the first payout. This is required by law. Once you have successfully passed the exam by submitting your ID documents as a photo to Paypal Casino, you are ready to withdraw.

The payout time is approximately 24 hours with a verified player account. Some online casinos may also require additional processing time. However, the best casinos follow the 24-hour rule, so players don't have to wait days for their money. Depending on the status of your account, Paypal payments are also possible within less than 24 hours. The record is now.

Paypal will notify you by email as soon as the online casino's withdrawal arrives. You can then use the credit balance freely for other Paypal transactions or have it paid out to your bank and credit card. Usually you receive the payment of the Paypal credit in 1 to 2 working days. The transfer is made with a neutral booking text. Your bank or card provider does not know that you have won anything at Paypal Online Casino.

PayPal Casino Bonus

Depending on the casino, the provider grants you a separate PayPal Casino Bonus, which is paid for certain payment methods. In the case of Paypal, this bonus is on average 10% to 15% of the deposit amount. Most of the time the Paypal bonus is still limited in its amount. Here too, however, there are differences from provider to provider. The bonus is especially important because you can benefit from it every time you make a Paypal deposit. This is a significant advantage over the welcome bonus, which is only granted once at Paypal Casino. If you make regular deposits, you will receive additional bonus money that you can unlock by meeting sales and bonus requirements. You do not need a bonus code for the Paypal Casino bonus for certain payment providers. The calculation is performed automatically by the casino – as is the credit as bonus money.

Paypal-One-Touch and fast registration

Besides a practical and secure payment, there are several other advantages to enjoy at Paypal. You can significantly speed up the entire payment process by activating the Paypal-One-Touch function in your customer account. Once you have logged in, you will not need to log in or confirm a deposit in the future. As a rule, the deposit amount will be credited to the player account immediately. Paypal-One-Touch is great for playing casino games that require a quick reload from time to time. To do this, Paypal simply remembers your device and your Internet connection. Paypal guarantees players fraud protection and monitoring of suspicious activities around the clock. This makes Paypal-One-Touch particularly secure and uncomplicated. A top feature that is highly recommended for use at Paypal Casino.

A new trend at online casinos is Paypal registration. This is a small button where you can enter your deposit amount directly. If you now click on REGISTRATION, you will first be directed to Paypal and the payment must be confirmed with your login and OK. In addition to the payment confirmation, your address data will also be forwarded to the online casino via an interface. This eliminates the need for players to complete cumbersome registration forms. If you wish, you can also log into the casino via Paypal. This means that you no longer have to manage different user names and have everything from a single source.

Who are online casinos with Paypal recommended for?

Casino games with Paypal are particularly suitable for the gaming areas slots, poker, classic casino games and the live casino. The payment method offers many practical possibilities and fast deposits, especially with the popular Paypal-One-Touch. With some casino games, such as poker and slots, this is very beneficial. This way, your deposit only takes a few seconds and is possible free of charge. The payment method is recommended for smaller amounts from 10 Euro and larger deposits up to 5000 Euro. Your payments are in the best hands with e-wallet Paypal, so even players who attach great importance to security don't miss out. All payment processes and the entire login area are protected by SSL encryption. By the way, one of the best Paypal casinos is the Casino Club.

Online casino games with Paypal have another advantage. You do not have to provide Paypal Casino with your bank or card provider payment details. For example, your bank statements will not show that you have deposited money at the casino. The debit usually has the booking text Paypal with your transaction number. Of course, you can also benefit from this when paying out with Paypal. No one can read that you won at the casino games.

Are there still alternatives to Paypal?

The best Paypal casinos offer a whole host of electronic wallets and a wide range of other payment methods. In the area of e-wallets, Neteller and Skrill Moneybookers are also popular among payment providers. These allow higher deposits than Paypal and are also much more flexible with your payout limits. As a rule, the limits for payments with Neteller and Skrill are between 10 euros and 10,000 euros per transaction – in other words, payment methods that are also suitable for high rollers and frequent players. However, the two wallets offer more than just advantages. This is because online casinos often do not accept you for playing with a bonus. If you prefer the two payment methods, it is best to check the Paypal casino website beforehand. With Neteller and Skrill you can deposit and pay out free of charge. If you have also linked the e-wallets to debit and credit cards or your own bank account, credit can be paid out to you. Depending on the type of link, smaller fees may apply. It is best to use your own credit cards from Neteller and Skrill. This has the advantage that all transactions of your credit balance are free of charge. You can make transactions with all alternative payment providers using your email address.

  • Skrill Moneybookers:

Skrill has only recently become increasingly well-known. The payment provider initially had a somewhat more difficult situation, as it was not possible to benefit from the Ebay awareness level, as in the case of Paypal. Skrill Moneybookers integrates not only the payment processes but also some very useful features. The Skrill account can be linked to a credit card or bank account just like Paypal. The payment service offers its customers an in-house credit card with which you can benefit from free services. Skrill Moneybookers is also very suitable for players with a Bitcoin Wallet. You can top up your Skrill credit with a Bitcoin payment. Skrill offers a similar solution to Paypal when it comes to fast payments. The feature is called Skrill-1-Tap.

  • Neteller:

Neteller fights for important market shares in Europe with Skrill and Paypal. The provider can offer customers their own credit cards. Their advantage are free services around payment processing. With the Neteller e-wallet you can transfer between €10 and €10,000 in a casino comparison. The online casinos will not charge you any fees and the money will be credited immediately. The payment provider can be linked to a bank account or credit card so that credit can be deposited without a Neteller. Similar to Skrill, Neteller already has Bitcoin functions and can thus secure advantages over Paypal.

Paypal, Neteller and Skrill – what's the future like?

The current E-Wallets Paypal, Neteller and Skrill can all look forward to a rosy future. Because the 3 payment providers are finding more and more supporters in Europe. Due to the popularity in Europe you will soon be found in every online casino. It is a good thing that Skrill and Neteller have already jumped on the Bitcoins train. Paypal has already announced a similar solution for Bitcoin payments. This is also necessary for the payment system to remain competitive. Many young people in Europe use Paypal to order in online shops. But other online services, such as legal music downloads, app downloads, games or movies, are also quickly paid for with Paypal. In addition, the worldwide acceptance of electronic wallets is constantly increasing. The industry is currently experiencing a real boom.

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