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Apple Pay Online Casinos

Apple Pay is now also available in UK and is accepted by more and more casinos as a deposit method for casino chips. For the players, depositing with Apple Pay is a great thing and happens very quickly. With Apple Pay, you can use your iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro or Apple Watch mobile devices to pay on the Internet and offline in stores. Unfortunately the app is not available for devices with other operating systems such as Android, Blackberry or Windows. Whatever your operating system or mobile, Apple Pay Casinos also do not allow you to receive payouts through the app.
We will explain the deposit process at Apple Pay Casino and provide you with important information about the payment method. If you are looking for a payment system that allows you to make quick and free deposits at the casino, Apple Pay is the place for you. The app is especially suitable for casino players who attach great importance to safety in their casino games.
The Best Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay Online Casinos

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information about Apple Pay Online Casinos

The Apple Pay phone was developed by the US company Apple. You have certainly heard the name Apple very often in connection with iPhones and iPads. Apple is a global market leader in smartphones and tablets. With Apple Pay, the company has also achieved a worldwide breakthrough in payment systems – and not only in Internet payments, but also in offline trading, for example. The app was first introduced in the USA in 2014 and has been making its way with resounding success ever since. Since December 2018, players from UK can also use Apple Pay to pay at the casino.
Payment at the local store is made using an NFC chip that is built into Apple devices. A great special feature of Apple mobiles is the Device Number, which can uniquely assign each device its owner. This number is used to secure the payment process. Therefore, no payments can be made via external devices. That’s what makes Apple Pay so secure.

make a deposit at the online casino using Apple Pay

Currently, not all online casinos have Apple Pay in the program yet. But you can expect ever greater acceptance. To find out if Apple Pay is available, check out the list of payment methods on the vendor’s website. In addition, Apple Pay Casinos limit payment to the iPhone and iPad devices or the MacBook Pro.

If your casino offers Apple Pay as a means of payment, you can select it on the payment form and then enter your preferred deposit amount. As a rule, the minimum deposit required is 10 euros. Some casinos also charge 20 Euros, for example when it comes to claiming a bonus. Now you can confirm the deposit with the button in the deposit form and afterwards via the Apple Pay App. Depending on how your mobile is set up, you will first have to enter a PIN or complete the Touch-ID or Face-ID security prompt. If you have successfully confirmed the payment process, the deposit amount will already have arrived in your account. The same may apply to your Apple Pay Casino welcome bonus, which should then be displayed as bonus credit. The bonus will be dealt with separately on this page later. If you haven’t set up Apple Pay yet, you’ll need an Apple ID and a credit card. How to set up the app is explained below.

Apple Pay Online Casinos

New at Apple Pay? A brief explanation of the facility

You can download the Apple Pay App for your mobile from the App Store for installation. You may only set up the app on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro or Apple Watch. The payment tab is not intended for normal Apple desktop PCs. Furthermore, you can only use iPhone generations from version 6. Before the installation you should make sure that your devices have the latest versions of iOS, WatchOS or MacOS.
The actual app setup process is child’s play on your mobile and can be done quickly using the on-screen instructions. In contrast to the procedure for e-wallets, you do not need any credit with Apple Pay. Because the app is linked to your credit card for payment activities. Remember: you can only buy within your credit card limit or up to a limit of 3000 Euro casino chips.

How secure is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay offers you the highest security standard in the financial industry, which is ensured above all by the built-in hardware solution and the device number. With these two features, Apple Pay offers you more security than most other payment methods in the world. The Apple Device Number is unique for every mobile device in the world and can only be assigned to 1 person at a time. A criminal could therefore not initiate any payment processes via his iPhone, even if he knew your payment data or app data.

The new Apple devices are also equipped with Face ID and/or Touch ID security measures. Both security methods offer you far more protection than conventional PIN queries. Face-ID is used to check whether the mobile is used as your face. Only then, for example, will the iPhone be released for use. The Touch-ID does not use the face, but your personal fingerprint.

Apart from the hardware features, no secret payment data is stored on your mobile device by the app. Apple itself is also not in the picture about payment processes. At the transaction level, only your bank, card issuer or casino may be involved. With Apple Pay, you benefit from optimum security and privacy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Apple Pay Casinos

If you want to get started in an Apple Pay Casino, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the payment method. We have compiled a compact overview for you below.

  • Highest security standards in the financial industry guaranteed by Apple Device No., PINs, Touch- and Face-ID
  • Easy handling of the app and very easy setup
  • The credit card does not have to be blocked if the mobile device is lost.
  • Payment data is not stored on your device or in the app
  • Support of credit cards like Mastercard, Visa and American Express
  • Instant Credit from Casino Deposits
  • Toll-free deposit possible
  • Depositing of monetary amounts between 1 Euro and 3000 Euro per transaction
  • Fast deposits for reloading during game phases possible
  • Can be used for NFC payments on the Internet and in shops
  • As a rule, new players can claim an Apple Pay Casino bonus.
  • Transfer money with friends


  • Apple mobiles cost a lot of money
  • Internet connection required
  • Only iPhones from Generation 6 can be used
  • Update of the operating system
  • Desktop Macs and certain notebooks are not supported.
  • Only usable for Apple device owners (not for Android mobiles or similar)
  • Limits on deposit may not be suitable for high rollers
  • Only for Apple devices (Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry are not supported)
  • Not usable for casino payouts

Apple Pay Online Casinos with new customer bonus

As a new player, most online casinos offer the option of receiving a new customer bonus. This will be paid out to you in the form of a bonus credit and, if necessary, free spins. The Apple Pay Casino bonus is based on your first deposit. Depending on the provider, it is also possible for you to receive free money or some free spins directly after the registration, independent of this bonus at the start. You won’t have to pay any money for it. The bonus offers, whether registration bonus or new customer bonus, are valid once per player. In this context, you may not register more than once to receive a bonus or to start over again. If you do so, the Apple Pay Casino bonus and any winnings earned with it may be cancelled. You can use the bonus money after you have wagered the money from your first deposit.

You can see which bonus Apple Pay Casino offers you from our overview. As a rule, you have to deposit amounts of 10 euros or more. On average, a casino new customer bonus with Apple Pay is 100%. If you deposit 20 Euros, you will also receive 20 Euros bonus credit. You will then have a total of 40 euros to play with. All game winnings that you make with the new customer bonus will be credited to your bonus balance until the bonus is released. The bonus money and bonus winnings are free to be cashed out in real money if you meet the requirements. Below you will find a short information.

bonus conditions for clearing bonus money and bonus winnings

The bonus terms are real money wagering requirements. The requirement must be met in order to cash out the bonus money and winnings. In addition to the revenue requirement, most online casinos also impose time limits on you.

Example of a Bonus Condition:
As a new customer you deposit 30 Euro at the casino and receive a surcharge of 100 % bonus. You will receive 30 Euro bonus money, so you have a total of 60 Euro to play with. In order to be able to convert the bonus money in the amount of 30 Euros and the game winnings you have earned into real money, you must wager the bonus amount 30 times in 14 days with the provider. A turnover of 900 Euro is therefore required for the bonus to be free for withdrawal from the player’s account.

In the cycle of stakes and winnings it is easy to reach a turnover of 900 euros. It is worthwhile to play towards the bonus goal. After all, you also receive the winnings from the bonus money. And depending on the amount of bonus you have received, there will be a nice sum of money.

should I claim the Apple casino bonus or not?

If you claim a bonus, there are no disadvantages for you as a player. Quite the opposite, because you have the option to get some extra money and to unlock it later by fulfilling conditions. Whether or not an Apple Pay Bonus is worthwhile depends primarily on how difficult the bonus conditions of online casinos are. In our overview you will only find providers who can offer you fair and affordable conditions. So you don’t even have to rate the Apple Casino bonus. We will take care of this for you completely and will only give you the recommendation.

In the context of bonus rules, it is also important to know what type of casino games the bonus is suitable for. Most bonus offers for new customers are best suited for slot machines. As a slot player it is always advisable to pick up the bonus. For other games, take a look at the bonus terms. The question is whether you can play them with the bonus money and whether it is possible to wager the bonus with these games. The latter is not always the case. In our test reports, which are also linked in the overview of our recommendations, you can find out more about the bonuses and game offers.

Apple Pay Casinos with Free Spins

In addition to the bonus money, many casinos also have free spins on top. You can also receive these for your new registration or as part of a welcome bonus. The Free Spins are always allowed for certain slot games and have a temporary validity which you should pay attention to. Because the spins can also expire again. Depending on the provider and bonus type, you will be granted between 10 and 200 free games. A large number of Free Spins will be split into packages that will be credited to you in consecutive days. Depending on the Apple Pay Casino your free games have a different value.

Any winnings you make on your free spins will not be immediately available in real money and will initially be credited to your Bonus Balance. Of course, you can unlock this credit in the further course of the game and freely dispose of the winnings. The conditions for this are very similar to those for bonus money (minimum turnover).

Apple Pay Live Casinos

Of course, you will also find a whole range of Apple Pay Live Casinos on the Internet. In the live games you don’t gamble against a computer opponent, but against real human croupiers. You can watch the live action via camera in real time and have a very exciting and entertaining entertainment. At the Live Casino, you can usually also use the bonus for new players. At Apple Pay Live Casino, you can enjoy the advantage of being able to quickly reload money with the app when a gaming situation requires it. This is especially the case with live card games. Below is a list of casinos that offer live games with Apple Pay. So you don’t have to search for it on the Internet first.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Pay Casinos

To help Apple Pay players find their way around the casino faster, we have created our FAQs. They answer the most important questions about playing with the pay phone in a compact way.

Are there many Apple Pay Casinos?

The number of UK Apple Pay Casinos is constantly increasing. This has to do with the fact that the app has been available for UK players since the end of 2018. Due to the worldwide success of the payment method, you can assume that you will soon find Apple Pay in every online casino in UK. Most casinos offer you an overview of the available payment methods. The best thing is to simply look around on the websites of the providers afterwards.

Are Apple Pay payments free?

With most providers on the Internet, deposits with Apple Pay can be made free of charge. The Apple Pay service itself is never costly to you anyway. However, there are also some casinos that charge the same fee for payments with the app as for payment processes with a credit card. The fee is then 2.5% of the deposit amount and will be deducted at the time of deposit.

Do Apple Pay Casinos have to have a gambling license in UK in order to play legally?

You should always play in online casinos that have a valid gambling license. This does not necessarily have to come from the UK authorities, as there are appropriate solutions within the framework of the EU. The licenses issued by the state gaming authorities in Malta and Gibraltar, where most casinos in Europe are registered, are valid throughout Europe. Of course, this also includes UK, including the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Under EU licences, casinos pay taxes legally to the UK state. So you can play there carefree. Our Apple Pay Casinos in the list all have proper licenses.

Can I play anonymously with Apple Pay at the Online Casino?

Anonymous gambling on the Internet is and remains prohibited. If you find offers to do so, you should leave your fingers off it at all costs. Because you should not only be afraid for the loss of your money, but also because of the laws of father state. Your personal information will be verified at each EU Casino prior to the first withdrawal. You will need to submit your identification documents, which will be matched against the personal information in your Player Account and the payment method used.

Apple Pay does not offer anonymity. However, you benefit from the fact that your credit card details are not disclosed to the casino. This of course increases your personal security and provides more privacy.

How quickly can Apple Pay payments be processed?

When you deposit money at the casino using Apple Pay, the deposit amount is instantly credited and you can buy your casino chips. Of course, you must have completely set up the app and linked a credit card to it beforehand. If you are looking for a payment method that allows you to quickly top up money in the online casino during a gambling phase, Apple Pay is also a very good choice. Because deposits are possible within a few seconds, so there is no time-out while playing. You may not use the Apple payment method when cashing out at casinos. However, the normal bank transfer or quick payouts via e-wallets are usually available for this purpose.

Is paying with Apple Pay secure?

With Apple Pay, you have access to a very secure means of payment. This is especially the case if you want to make a deposit over the Internet. In contrast to the simple payment methods, which only work with access data, Apple Pay also offers you additional security via the built-in hardware in the mobile devices and via the device number. Besides the PIN, the Face-ID and Touch-ID are an excellent way to prevent unauthorized persons from paying with your mobile. Apart from the ID checks, the Device Number does not allow you to pay with other devices, even if someone knows the data of your app. Apart from the hardware backups, personal credit card data is not stored on the mobile. In the event of a loss, you no longer need to have your credit card blocked. Aside from Apple, online casinos also provide additional security. These include encryption technologies such as SSL and a firewall for monitoring daily data traffic.

Can I use all Apple devices?

Your Apple Pay App only works on iPhone (version 6 or later), iPad, MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch devices. Conventional desktop computers and normal notebooks are not designed for app operation. Of these mobiles, only the iPhone and iPad are generally accepted for deposit in the online casino. You can find more information on the casino website in the payment methods section or in the cashier section of the login page.

Is Apple Pay also suitable for Android and other operating systems?

No. Apple’s payment method was created for home mobiles only and cannot be used on devices with other operating systems. The reason for this is the security hardware built into Apple devices as well as the device number. The latter is absolutely necessary for paying in business and Internet. It forms the basis of Apple Pay and the high security standard of the app.

What advantages does Apple Pay offer over other payment methods?

Apple has paid special attention to user privacy and security when developing the app. The combination of built-in security hardware, an intelligent security concept and payment by credit card makes Apple Pay particularly recommendable. The speed with which you can pay online is also decisive for the success of the payment method. Because when paying there is no really noticeable waiting time, so the app is ideal for use in the casino.
Apart from payments on the Internet, Apple Pay is also great for paying at NFC terminals in stores. Unfortunately, typical Internet payment systems cannot offer you this functionality at all. So Apple Pay offers you very practical application possibilities.

Are there payment limits at the casino?

Yes, the deposit limits are set not only by the casinos, but also by Apple. With Apple Pay you can only process payments between 1 Euro and 3000 Euro per transaction. In this context, casinos set their own deposit limits which you must of course adhere to. These always define a minimum and a maximum amount. The minimum deposit required in 95% of all casinos is 10 Euros. If you wish to play with a bonus, you may be required to make a higher deposit into your account. You can find more information in the bonus conditions.

Can I claim a deposit if I made a mistake?

Unfortunately, you may not reverse a deposit made at Apple Pay Casino if you made a mistake. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the app from the concept point of view and is also related to the linked credit card. If you have nevertheless made a mistake, it is best to consult the customer service of the supplier. As a rule, however, the casino operators are very cooperative and will certainly accommodate you with a solution. However, this is only possible with a verified player account. You must therefore submit your identity documents.

Can I use third-party Apple Pay accounts for payments?

They may not use third party payment accounts for deposits or withdrawals. This is also independent of Apple Pay unfortunately not allowed in any online casino. The prohibition is based on legal age verification requirements and provisions relating to money laundering. The ban is also intended to prevent unauthorised persons from paying money into their accounts. This is where the account verification takes effect.

Are there alternatives to Apple Pay?

For paying with the mobile there are not really viable alternatives to Apple Pay. But you don’t necessarily have to resort to a pure mobile payment for your casino deposits. The payment methods PayPal, Trustly, Sofort√ľberweisung and Giropay are also a good choice to make deposits. However, with the exception of Paypal, the means of payment are less suitable for reloading money during running games. Credit cards are still the best way to do this.