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Apple Pay Online Casinos

Apple Pay has arrived in UK and thus also the first Apple Pay Online Casinos. In the following text we would like to present you the best Apple Pay Online Casinos and of course the best Apple Pay Casino Bonus offers. Furthermore, we will of course also discuss the functionality of Apple Pay and explain how Apple Pay works in online casinos.

Apple Pay Online Casinos

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How does Apple Pay?

First of all, you need to set up Apple Pay on your device. For example, if you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, you will need to set them up on both devices. Generally, Apple Pay must be set up on each device you want to use. To do this, you must link your credit card to Apple Pay. Please note that Apple Pay is not yet available at every bank.

If you want to use Apple Pay offline so in shops it works just like a credit card with NFC function. One thus stops to confirm a payment his iPhone or even his Apple Watch at the terminal of payment and confirms the payment. The confirmation of the Apple Pay payment then takes place via unlock code or Face ID depending on the device.

Apple Pay is basically nothing more than an NFC credit card payment, with the difference that you don’t have to carry your credit card with you for the payment. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up Apple Pay on your device here.

How Apple Pay works in Online Casino

Playing with the iPhone or iPad at the Apple Pay Online Casino does not differ greatly from making payments in the store. At the Apple Pay Online Casino, go to the Apple Pay payment method and confirm the payment with your Face ID or unlock code. The payment is then already completed.

If you want to pay with a Mac or iMac in the online casino with Apple Pay, there are some points that are inevitable. The most important is that the Mac must be built in 2012 or later. The latest version for the respective device must be installed for the operating system. The next point to paying at Apple Pay Online Casino is, it only works if you have a Mac with Touch ID or a Mac with a connection to your iPhone.

If the above conditions are met, depositing in Apple Pay Online is very easy. At the Apple Pay Online Casino, go to the Apple Pay payment method, enter the desired deposit amount and confirm the payment by Face ID, Touch ID or unlock code.

Apple Pay Online Casinos

Are Apple Pay Online Casino payouts possible?

The following section is based on information that has not yet been confirmed to us, if that is so, we will of course also adjust the info. Since one can receive money with Apple Pay, one can also pay out in the online casino with Apple Pay presumably also. It will probably even be the case that when depositing with Apple Pay at the online casino, the withdrawal from the casino must also be made with Apple Pay. This is due to the money laundering regulations, which are also very strictly observed by reputable online casinos. These money laundering regulations include, among other things, the fact that a withdrawal at the online casino must always be made in the same way as the deposit. An exception here is Klarna, since you cannot receive any money with Klarna, payments after a Klarna deposit are only sent by bank transfer.

Are Apple Pay Online Casinos Serious?

It is safe to assume that Apple Pay Online casinos are reputable. The reason for this is obvious, Apple Pay will look closely at the online casinos with which it collaborates. An important point that Apple Pay will consider here are the online casino licenses. If Apple would allow Pay Online casinos that do not have a valid license, problems with the law would be guaranteed. Therefore, one can quite claim that Apple Pay Online casinos are serious.

Which online casino accepts Apple Pay?

Since Apple Pay starts in a few days in UK, it is not surprising that the list of Apple Pay Online Casinos is still very manageable. We currently only know one Apple Pay Casino, the 888 Casino. The 888Casino is one of the oldest online casinos and is considered absolutely serious. However, we are sure that after the launch of Apple Pay in UK, more and more online casinos will offer Apple Pay. Alternatively we can recommend a PayPal Casino, also in these casinos deposits and withdrawals run smoothly. Are you looking for Online casinos with quick payouts? Then we recommend you to have a look at Trustly Online Casino Provider because Trustly is by far the fastest payment method in online casinos, with no other payment method you have your winnings faster on your bank account.