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The Best Online Casinos Bonuses & Reviews

Welcome to, an ambitious new project setting out to redefine the standard for online casino reviews. We have been working hard to create lots of interesting content covering everything from casino reviews to tips and tricks by seasoned players. We’re glad to see you here!

Best Online Casinos

# Casino Info Bonus Rating
1 LeoVegas Logo
  • 18+ New players. 100% up to £300 + 30 spins on Book of Dead. £5 min. wager to activate deposit spins- expire 3 days from claiming. 35X wagering before bonus or winnings can be withdrawn. £5 max. stake using bonus. Skrill, Neteller deposits excluded from offer. Eligibility restrictions apply. Full T&Cs apply.

200%/100%up to €3000/£300

99 von 100

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2 Casumo Logo
  • For participation details refer to Casumo’s Bonus T&Cs.
  • 18+ New Customers Only

100%up to £300/€1200/$500

96 von 100

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3 Betway Logo
  • All Bonuses are subject to Betway Casino T&C.
  • 18+ New Customers Only

Welcome Bonusup to £/€1000

95 von 100

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4 Rizk Casino Logo
  • All Bonuses are subject to Rizk Casino T&C.
  • 18+, New Customers Only

100%up to £/€100

95 von 100

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5 BetVictor Logo
  • All Bonuses are subject to Betvictor Casino T&C.
  • 18+, New Customers Only

500%up to £50

89 von 100

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We believe we can be useful to you in any of the given scenarios:

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Here you will learn what makes so many people so passionate about casino games online, and we’ll help you understand what your ideal type of online casino is so you can easily find it by reading our in-depth reviews. We’ll cover extensive ground deep in to casino bonuses territory, and show you how to quickly determine whether any casino is reliable.

We’re glad to help you learn more about the best casinos available online, so you can get the most enjoyment while maximizing your winnings. Read through this page for more information on the typical casino games available throughout the Internet, as well as learning which the most recommendable casinos out there are. Make sure to read the empowering section on how to get the most of customer support at any casino. We hope this information is useful to you! Read on and get ready to step up your game!

What is so Great About Playing at Online Casinos?

If you’re someone with experience playing at regular casinos, you may be wondering what the big deal is about playing casinos online. It may not be immediately obvious, but there are plenty of reasons why this industry is so massively popular.

To begin with, playing casino games online is extremely convenient. You can enjoy your games of chance anytime, anywhere, using pretty much any Internet enabled device. You can take a break anytime you want and just fire up your browser or grab your phone loaded up with your favourite casino app. All your favourite games are there right at your fingertips, and you can both play for fun or actually invest some of your cash as you would in a conventional casino.

Asides from this convenience, there’s another aspect that is often overlooked: while playing on the Internet, you can focus exclusively on the gameplay and tune out every other sensory input, which means you will potentially achieve better results. Playing in a typical casino can be fun, but it’s also very distracting since you will be surrounded by agitated people in a noisy environment that is shock full of bright lights and obtrusive smells. For some folks this is fine, but for many others the kind of quiet gaming environments available online is much more comfortable.

Third and possibly foremost, there is one other factor that heavily weights in on the preference of regular online casino players: bonuses and promotions. All casinos operating online provide very exciting offerings that will allow you to multiply your deposits and play and win much more that you would using the same money in a traditional casino. In fact, there are so many casinos online with such a wide range of bonuses and promotions that it can get confusing to effectively find the best opportunities as well as figuring out the fine print in the terms and conditions of each casino.

Luckily, there are many online casino review websites out there looking to organize this information and help players enjoy their winnings as well as their enjoyment. You are now visiting one of the newest and most promising such websites. Read on to learn why that is so.

We Want to be the Leading Reference for Reviews of Online Casinos

If you’ve been looking around for online casino review websites to will help you navigate your way into this industry, you may have noticed there are plenty of alternatives out there. All those websites promise to deliver the most valuable insight, but most only skim the surface. There is no shortage of shallow and uninteresting casino reviews out there, but there are few that deliver real substance and make you feel they are telling the whole story.

This is the first issue that we set out to tackle when we first started devising We decided this website will set itself apart from the rest by offering extremely in-depth reviews that cover everything there is to know about the featured casinos. As you start exploring our reviews, you should immediately get the sense that we spared no efforts and left no stones unturned as we set out to flesh out the workings of the very best casinos on the web.

Not only are we determined to deliver extremely thorough reviews, but we want this content to be valuable to our esteemed readers. To achieve this, we made sure to sift through the fine print in the terms and conditions of each casino, keeping a close eye in any inconsistences that might work against the player. We only review worthwhile casinos here, and while analysing each brand we look at the available offering through the eyes of a player. This is our recipe for producing content that hopefully will stand the test of time.

As you can see, we’re very passionate about this matter! We too love playing games of chance online, and we know the ins and outs of all worthwhile casinos. No matter if you’re a novice player or a seasoned veteran you will find bits and pieces of information in our archives that will help you improve your results.

We Believe Different People Have Different Ideal Web Casinos

Not all casinos operating online are the same. This is a gigantic industry catering to all imaginable types of players, and there are casinos online suitable for all kinds of taste and inclinations. Depending on your favourite games as well as your priorities, you will realize that not all casinos available online match your expectations and preferences.

It can be really annoying to waste time and money joining a casino only to realise that you don’t really like the available titles or that the wagering requirements are incompatible with your wallet or playing style. Keeping that in mind, we always write our content in a way that helps you evaluate any casino without wasting energy. We do our best to really dissect each casino and explore the available opportunities, while keeping a close eye on the possible shortcomings.

When reviewing any online casino, we always pay attention to the available gameplay experience and try to convey how it feels from standpoint of a player. Some casinos are more serious, others can be a bit gaudy. Some casinos aim to deliver an extremely streamlined experience with few options available, while other casinos offer such a wide range of nuances, options and games that players almost have to read a manual to fully grasp the interface. There are casinos focusing on specific types of games, while others seem to go try to stay on top of all available titles.

In short, not all people will like all casinos the same – and the ideal casino for a person may be very unappealing for the next. This diversity is actually a good thing since through such diversity different demographics are catered to, but it means you have to look through different options until you find your ideal choice. Keeping that in mind, we have been very mindful to present the information in a way that helps you quickly decide if any of the casinos featured here is right for you.

We Know All about Every Major Casino Bonus

If you’ve been reading this presentation carefully, you must have realized by now that there are so many casinos operating on the Internet these days that it’s almost a full time job to stay up to date with the best casino bonuses and promotions. It’s not by chance that online gambling is such a time-consuming hobby, since asides from enjoying the games, many players invest a lot of time and energy to stay up to date with the fast changing online casino landscape.

Since we know that not everyone can spend hours upon hours carefully reading the latest industry news and tracking the best bonuses and promotions, it was a logical decision to create this website. There is much to know about every major casino bonus out there, and there are some extremely exciting opportunities out there mixed with tricky offers.

Choosing the best bonus may seem as trivial as looking at the numbers and picking the most lucrative offers, but it’s really not. Sometimes an offering may appear very attractive on the surface, until you start looking at the associated drawbacks. Some casinos out there will force you to wager your bonus funds a hundred times over, before you actually get a chance to withdraw your winnings! Other casinos may offer more discrete bonuses which will prove to be much more beneficial because the restrictions on withdrawals of those funds are not as strict.

We always stay up to date on the best opportunities out there, and we are well versed in the tricks used in this industry to seduce distracted players into veritable bonus traps. If you want to avoid the many pitfalls laid before you as you start exploring casino bonus territory, you will enjoy reading the content available here.

What Types of Games Are Available in the Best Online Casinos?

There are many thousands of games available throughout the hundreds of online based casinos out there, but when you start getting familiar with the offering you soon realize that many titles seem to show up in different casinos. This is because the casinos themselves don’t create the games, but rather curate the games made by different software developers. There are a few big game developers out there sourcing most of the entertainment, with the actual casinos being akin to distributors of this content.

Depending on the contract between a casino or software developer, a game title may be specific to that website or otherwise they may have a mere licensing. This explains why sometimes the biggest casinos seem to have a lot of really unique and popular titles, while smaller casinos sometimes just serve a boring worn down catalogue. When a title is exclusive to a particular casino, they will often point it out and the game will usually seem better suited with that casino’s website design.

Of course, all these thousands of available titles – exclusive or otherwise – ultimately are just themed renderings of the basic, quintessential casino games every player knows and loves. All those titles invariably boil down to a few dozen different games, which in turn can be grouped in a handful of categories. Essentially, you have three main categories available:

  • Proper casino games like Roulette, BlackJack, Poker, Craps, etc.
  • Slot machines of every imaginable style, either straightforward or featuring progressive jackpots.
  • Virtual scratch cards, which work very much like a traditional scratch card.
  • Some casinos sometimes will also dabble with sports betting territory or similar forays away from proper casino territory.

What You Should Demand of Customer Support in any Online Casinos

Great customer support is a fundamental aspect of any worthwhile casino. In fact, you can easily tell reputable casinos apart from shady operations simply by reaching out to their client support. All the legitimate casinos will have an extensive support team with highly trained professionals that will promptly attend to customer queries and concerns. The really great casinos will always sort out support tickets in a matter of hours or even minutes from the time they’re submitted. They should spare no efforts to make sure all your concerns are attended to.

Client support is such a big deal because players want to feel safe when they make a deposit. They want to feel confident the casino won’t give them any headaches when they want to withdraw their winnings. Since client deposits are the life and blood of all casinos online, it follows naturally that reputable casinos should be very responsive in dealing with all customer interactions. With that in mind, we recommend that you always reach out to the customer support before joining any online casino, to get a sense of how effectively they reply to your question.

All the great online based casinos invariably offer a diverse selection of communication channels that you can use to reach out to support. You should at least be able to contact them by e-mail, telephone and by using a live chat option to be found at the casino website. Any casino that doesn’t avail such features is not worthy your time or money! They should also be very patient and considerate to you even if you aren’t yet a client. If you reach out to the support team of any casino and you feel they don’t seem to care that much about your questions, we recommend you to look for a better alternative.
Learn all about the best Online Based Casinos Right Here!

At this point in this presentation, you should have a clear idea of what to expect from a great online casino: legitimate bonuses and promotions that aren’t tied to extremely unreasonable terms; a diverse selection of games catering to your personal preference and style; great customer support that never fails to meet your expectations, and always performs very rapidly and efficiently. So how do you learn about the best casinos online?

If you have the time to spare, you just find them by looking around patiently and carefully analysing the specifications of each casino before you decide if it’s right for you. If you don’t want to spare a lot of energy doing such research, you can just keep up with your favourite casino review websites to get the information you need faster and more easily. But sometimes it may feel like there are too many casino reviews website out there!

We know that feeling, and that is why we set out to create the very best casino review website on the Internet. We know all the casinos out there, and we also know all the casino review websites! The information you find here is the result of many years of combined experienced from many passionate players, and that is why we’re confident that you’ll stay with us as we plot a map that will help you navigate this industry.

If you want to keep up with the best opportunities from the most reputable casinos, you just have to keep up with our website. Make sure to add to your bookmarks and it should come in handy sooner or later. We shall keep adding new content regularly and delivering the most extensive reviews.

Things to Look at When You’re Searching for Reputable Web Casinos

Once you spend some time reading our reviews, you will develop a sixth sense that will allow you to quickly determine if any new online casino is come across is reputable. There are a few aspects that you can quickly look into to determine such a thing. We have already mentioned that reaching out to the client support of a casino is an easy way to check how considerate they are towards their clients. That is a simple test to do, but sometimes you don’t even have to bother, since there are a few essential details that should be clearly visible in the homepage of any reputable casino operating online.

First and foremost, you can easily check the licensing and certification of any casino you’re planning to join. This information should be visible right at the homepage, where they usually feature a ribbon mentioning the organization certifying their activities. You just have to look for this certification and run a quick search for the organization mentioned there. If that organization is legitimate, you should find lots of results that attest to its credibility. By checking this certification, you can easily determine if any given online casino is serious.

Another aspect to look at is the available selection of payment and withdrawal methods. All decent casinos online will invariably let you make transactions through reputable third party payment systems. You should at least be allowed to use a few major credit cards (such as MasterCard or VISA) and a few of the major e-Wallets (like Paypal and Skrill). Other typical options include payment systems such as PaySafeCard and Sofort. If a casino you’re planning to join doesn’t offer several of these tried and true options, then you may want to take your gambling elsewhere.

Advanced Tricks and Strategies to Potentiate Your Online Gambling

Throughout this article, we have pointed out easy ways to determine if a casino is worthy of your time and money. We have also detailed what kind of games you can play and how to find your ideal casino. You also know that you can easily track down the most attractive bonuses and promotions available throughout all the worthwhile casinos by checking our reviews. So when you’re ready to jump into the action and get the juice flowing, what can you do to get the most of your online gambling?

There are three aspects you should keep working on, to maximize your winnings:

  • You should make sure to pick the bonuses best suitable for you. Remember, this isn’t always as straightforward as looking at the bonus amounts, as you can see in one of the earlier sections of this guide. You need to pay close attention to the wagering and withdrawal requirements, and you should make sure those specifications seem agreeable to you.
  • You should know the games you play, and learn as much as you can about them. This is possible by reading strategy guides with information that will help you get an edge over all the less informed players out there. No matter which casino games you like to play, you’ll find there are several guides online that will help you build an advantage. Learning casino game strategy may sound like a boring thing to do, but it’s just like going to the gym… it seems tedious at first, but the results are always worthwhile if you stay with it.
  • You should know your limits as a gambler. This involves not only being mindful of the amounts you can wager and the amounts you can afford to lose, but also it means you have to be able to keep in a composed frame of mind and fight off emotional impulses. The most successful players at online based casinos are always the most patient; only fools rush into the action, and sensible gamers know that being a passive watcher is just as important as being an active participant.

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Congratulations! If you’ve read through this article, you’re now armed with information that already places you ahead of the pack. You now have a better understanding how what to look for in a casino online, and where to find it. But this is just the beginning of your exciting journey to become a truly successful online gambler. Stay tuned to learn all there is to know about the best online casinos!

We have lots of interesting content in store, so we hope you will bookmark /follow this website and check back regularly to stay on top of the latest reviews, as well as all kinds of strategy guides and useful information to raise the bar on your casino gaming!